About Kovi

Where "Kovi Collections" started and became a reality.

Being a mother of young children and running a business with my husband I noticed how much time I was spending to find that special outfit, whether it be for a wedding, birthday, Christmas party, business meeting or even just a casual BBQ with friends.

On finding the outfit, I then had to look for shoes and accessories to match. Time I didn't have! I wanted somewhere to shop that had everything I needed in the one place.

Scouring online boutiques I found there was still something missing in the fashion industry and decided that I would create "Kovi Collections" to enable people like me to have more quality time to spend with family and friends.

With all the research I was undertaking, I soon discovered the majority of women weren't sure how to dress for their body shape and most websites only catered for a general look or body type. These two things combined didn't make for a satisfactory or productive online shopping experience.

Inviting my friends to be my models, I started creating my own garments to enhance and make the most of each of their body shapes. Designing garments to help make woman feel better about themselves and look fantastic.

Also while exploring the fashion industry, certain designers caught my eye, the quality of the materials used in their garments was what I was looking for and I was even more excited when they agreed to me becoming a stockist. Sabatini & Sass & Fate are just a few that have come on board so far with Kovi Collections.

A great pair of shoes can also make an outfit which is why I chose suppliers that I feel have a wide range of shoes to suit everyone. Brands RMK, Nude & Tony Bianco all appealed to me with their quality and diversity of styles.

Just as a pair of shoes can make and outfit so does a great piece of jewellery. Spice Lily, Allis & Ena & Mezi have come on board with Kovi Collections, they each have totally diverse and fantastic ranges of jewellery to add that finishing touch. Also to complete the outfit for a special occasion, a range of "Kovi Collections" hats and handbags are available.

My vision for "Kovi Collections" is to be an international success and as the business expands, additional body shapes will be catered for. I'm also looking to introduce a fashion range for the men in our lives and definitely a children's range in the future.

I hope you enjoy my website as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together. I would love to receive any feedback that you think may help "Kovi Collections" on its quest to help us all look and feel great no matter what our body shape is.

Happy Shopping!!