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Spring Racing

Written by Kovi Collections on . Posted in Style Tips

Spring Racing Season is just around the corner and for some of us that means frantically running around searching for that perfect outfit. 

With so many options out there it can be a daunting task trying to find the right look. Should you go bright and bold, simple and elegant, ladylike and feminine or funky and chic?

Then what type of head wear you should go for. Are you better off with a hat, simple fascinator, head band, feathers or hatinator? 

All these decisions are enough to make you want to boycott the day all together. 
This is why we wanted to put together a few simple tips to help you make the easiest and best choice when it comes to choosing your race day outfit. 

Consider where you are going, will you be outside or inside. If outside you will need to think about the weather or if you will be standing on grass. Wedges are a great option shoe wise for grassed areas and when it comes to head wear a  brimmed hat is always a great way to stay sun smart whilst looking fantastic. 

These Girlie Matt wedges are super comfortable and Black Ice hat & Grey Hatinator are a great way to keep the sun off..

2. Make sure you think about the venue and if there is a dress code. If you are celebrating at a causal venue you can opt for a simple outfit without the crazy head wear. A basic headband or fascinator is the perfect option for a  casual day at the pub. If you are heading to Ascot or somewhere a little dressier then step it up a bit with a statement fascinator or standout shoe.

Check out these funky facinators, hattinators and shoes online now.  

3.When it comes to colour, consider what suits your personality best. If you are a vivacious person then clash bold bright patterns and colours together. If you are the quieter type, muted tones with gold or silver accessories will be more your style.
See below for just a few examples of some great colourful items you can put together from the online Kovi store.

4. Lastly, remember that to look your best you must feel comfortable and confident. If sky high heels make you walk like a lame horse then opt for wedges or a low heel. Tan ShoeIf a fitted dress makes you wish you hadn't worn it after the first course then opt for something more floaty and loose fitting. 

The Bonanza Tan shoes have a lower heel and our Crossed dress along with our Polka Parlour dress are floaty, easy wear dresses, perfect if your planning on having a big lunch.

If you remember these simple steps when you are looking for your race day outfit then the only gamble you will be making will be the horse you bet on. 

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