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0000211 350Column shapes generally have a straight shaped body with shoulders the same width as the hips. Column shapes need to “Create curves” to give an hourglass shape

Tips on flattering a Column shape

  • Wear strong blocks of colour
  • Rounded neck tops
  • Angular shaped clothing
  • Flared sleeves
  • Kimono tops
  • Dresses that pull in at the waist
  • Wear accessories that add drama to all outfits

Tips on what not to wear

  • Plain straight dresses in one colour
  • Dropped waists outfits
  • Sleeveless outfits
Light weight moda stretch fabric with an illusion of black and white stripes and zigzags. Great to hide any imperfections....
Sabatini centre ruffle dress. Light wool blend with lace trim. The hourglass effect in this dress makes it ideal for column body shapes as it adds the illusion of curves....
Sass Light weight printed apricot dress. Great for pear shapes as the skirt skims over bigger hips....
Designer Strapless fitted Gold Shimmer dress by Kovi Collections. Great for Column shapes....
Sabatini Jersey knit dress with feature side pockets and cowl neck. Great for pear shapes as the cowl neck detail adds volume to the bust and evens out your hips....
light knit stretch with panelling to give the illusion of the hourglass body shape. Can be worn by all most types of body shapes....
Delicate fine knitted stretch black & silver dress by Sabatini...