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0000215 350You have a great set of legs and need to accentuate these.  Vase body shapes have larger breasts with there hips in proportion to their breasts.

Tips on flattering a Vase shape

  • Heavy material for dresses
  • Wide scoop lines
  • Clothes that have a shimmer of a fleck
  • Big belts for stomach support
  • Rounded accessories

Tips on what not to wear

  • Steer clear of frills and floral’s around the neck
  • High waisted pants
  • Polo necks
Sabatini Jersey knit dress with feature side pockets and cowl neck. Great for pear shapes as the cowl neck detail adds volume to the bust and evens out your hips....
light knit stretch with panelling to give the illusion of the hourglass body shape. Can be worn by all most types of body shapes....
Mix of blended wools, silks and cottons in black with silver threading by Sabatini. Available also in Shell...
Thick Black Dress with Silver beading by Sass...